5 Grinch Crafts for Christmas

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is one of our favorite Christmas specials, and I love these Grinch crafts because they're fun, easy, and they keep my guys occupied for a little while. Which one is your favorite?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! A Homeschool Lesson About Winter on the Farm

It’s winter! Nothing is growing in the ground, so life on the farm must slow down, right? In this homeschool lesson, we’ll explore what goes on in the winter on various types of farms. The lesson and activities below are most appropriate for preschool through 2nd grade,

Enjoying the Holidays With Good Friends and Folgers Perfect Measures

You have big things to take care of. Let Folgers Perfect Measures handle the coffee.

Getting Pictures With Santa WITHOUT Paying $50

Sponsored post.  We’re all familiar with this scenario, right? Come see Santa for FREE! Then you get there and you can see Santa for free — but photo packages start at $50 and you can’t take your picture with your phone. What a deal, huh? Free Santa

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until January to Get Serious About Your Health

Committing to healthy living in December may sound crazy, but the best time to start is always right now.

15 Amazing Holiday Bread Recipes

These holiday bread recipes are perfect for parties, pitch-ins, or Christmas morning breakfast!