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How Safe is Beef? I Visited a Farm to Find Out

Sponsored Post. If you were invited to a farm and told that no question was off-limits, what would you ask? I had this opportunity earlier this month when I was invited to Lawson Land and Cattle Company, an Indiana family farm that raises beef cattle. I joined

21 Delicious Cupcake Recipes

When I’m having a bad day, there’s nothing I want more than a delicious cupcake. It’s just the right amount of cake, just the right amount of frosting, just the right amount of sweetness. The 21 cupcake recipes listed below are some of the very best I’ve

Star Wars Cereal Treats

Looking for the perfect snack for a Star Wars party? These Star Wars Cereal Treats are easy, no-bake, and delicious!

My Dairy Field Trip

All about my field trip to Prairie Farms and Kuehnert Dairy Farm, and what I've learned about how we get our milk.

Food | Healthy Snacks for Busy Moms

This post is sponsored by Alpine Lace, but Life Ingredients are all my own. “Why am I so stinking tired?” I asked a good friend of mine this question last week, but I already knew the answer. I’m tired because my diet has been awful, I’m not

Kids | Making the Same Old Lunch Fun

This post is sponsored by Fruitshoot. All opinions are mine. My kids are at that age where they want to eat the same. thing. every. day. Namely, peanut butter sandwiches – just peanut butter for the youngest, add jelly for the oldest. All day, every day, this