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GIVEAWAY | Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD

“I love this movie!” “Yum! Bell Peppers!” “That girl looks like me!” “Can we watch it again?” These are the comments I heard from my preschool class while watching the new Copy-Kids DVD, Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables. What is Copy-Kids? I think the description on their website says it

Family Movie Night | Guest Post from Yes/No Films

Family movie night has become a weekend tradition at our house. For the price of a Netflix subscription and a bag of microwave popcorn, we have a night of bonding that everyone enjoys. This is also a great way for us to watch movies together, because taking

There’s a Party in My City! | Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!

From the time he was a baby, my son has loved watching Yo Gabba Gabba! The bright colors and fun music have always attracted him. His first birthday even had a Yo Gabba Gabba! theme, complete with a Muno birthday cake. He’s even started asking for the

Free DVD from Fisher Price

Attention moms of little girls: visit this site to order your free Precious Places DVD from Fisher Price. The downside: you have to wait 12-14 weeks for delivery. But you can’t beat a free DVD!