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I’ve always been an “artsy-fartsy” kind of person. I love art, music, dance, and theatre, and when I had kids, I knew I wanted them exposed to all of these things at a young age. Even if my kids never take up an instrument or a paint brush, I want them to be able to appreciate and enjoy the arts.

Overall, we’ve had wonderful experiences, but a few times I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable when bringing my children to a performance or exhibit. The boys have always been great; the attitude about them being there has not. There’s sometimes a vibe that my kids might ruin someone else’s experience, and as a mother that makes me feel uncomfortable and a little sad.

Carmel Symphony Orchestra

Our first #CSOmoment

Our family attended our first Carmel Symphony Orchestra performance last month, and when it comes to bringing the kids along, I have never felt more welcome. The CSO embraces families, and everyone at the event greeted us with a smile. To hear Artistic Director Dr. David Bowden say, “I love hearing a baby cry, because that means you’ve brought your children to the symphony,” warmed my heart. I knew right then we would be back for more performances!

The CSO has a unique experiences for families coming up this month, and I cannot wait to attend! The annual Family Fun concert not only features music kids love, but it also allows children to sit among the musicians while they play. After the concert, kids get to try out instruments themselves during the instrument petting zoo!

Carmel Symphony Orchestra

The CSO feels so strongly about exposing children to music that they open up the stage to children, so they can get up close and personal with the musicians and instruments. They believe that making music changes lives, and opportunities like this show that they really practice what they preach!

Here’s a little more about the Family Fun experience:

Family Fun! With the Carmel Symphony Orchestra:

When: Sunday, January 31st at 3:00 p.m.

Where: The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts, Carmel

Tickets: Purchase tickets here!

We can’t wait to attend this unique event, and I think you won’t want to miss it either. This is always a popular event, so get your tickets today! I also recommend looking into the CSO’s $5 YouthPASS program, which makes live music affordable for families.