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Last month, I made a decision that was met with much controversy. I decided I was going to get serious about eating healthy and exercising — right before Thanksgiving.

Yoga at the Monon Community Center

Yoga at the Monon Community Center

“Why not wait until January? Don’t you want to enjoy the holidays?”

Well, yes, I do. But one thing I’ve realized over years of waiting for the “right” time is that there’s always something that will be waiting to trip you up. Let’s take a look…

January: the Girl Scouts start selling cookies

February: Valentine candy

March and April: Easter candy

May: Memorial Day cookouts

And the list goes on. There will always be roadblocks when it comes to getting healthy. If you’re really serious about making a lifestyle change, the best time is always now. Enjoying the holidays is fine, but enjoying a long and healthy life is even better.

Monon Community Center

If you’re local to the north Indianapolis/Carmel area, one of the best places to find your fitness routine is at the Monon Community Center. The facilities are gorgeous, and they have something for everyone: an indoor track, a fitness center, an indoor pool, a huge gym, and my personal favorite, group fitness classes. My kids love the childcare area, and it’s perfect for busy mom’s like me.

(In the summer, you also get access to the amazing Waterpark!)

Monon Community Center

When I first visited the Monon Community Center, I was sure that membership had to be expensive for such an awesome facility. Turns out, adult  Escape passes are only $40 a month! Quite honestly, I’ve found I’m more committed to something if I make a financial investment in it — even if it’s a small one.

I have just begun taking charge of my health and fitness, and already it’s one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. If you know you need to make changes, don’t wait.

You can purchase your Escape pass online or by visiting the Monon Community Center at 1235 Central Park Drive East in Carmel.