When I was a kid, there was a well-known local commercial that said, “There’s more than corn in Indiana!” to which my family would reply, “Yep. There’s soybeans, too!”

There are lots of soybeans grown in Indiana, and all over the midwest —  but why? What do we use soybeans for anyway? That’s what we’re going to explore in this month’s agriculture homeschool lesson.

The lesson and activities below are most appropriate for preschool through 2nd grade, but there’s lots of great information for all ages.

An Amazing Bean!  A Homeschool Lesson About Soybeans

Soybean Homeschool Lesson

Download Lesson (pdf)

Download Activity Worksheet (pdf)

Related Activities

Once again, Sarah at Farm Wife Crafts has created an awesome hands-on project to go along with this lesson. You’ll have a blast making these DIY Soy Candles!

DIY Soy Candles

Here are some other fun soybean activities:

Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Education Kit

Pod to Plate – lessons that cover several different subject areas!

Soybean Science

Make Soy Plastic at Home

Soy McCoy Coloring Book

The Bean Team Activity Sheets

Recommended Reading

Soybeans A to Z

Soybeans: An A to Z Book by Susan Anderson

Barnyard Chronicles

Soybeans in the Story of Agriculture by Susan Anderson

Why the Brown Bean Was Blue by Susan M. Pankey

Auntie Yang’s Great Soybean Picnic by Ginnie Lo

Stay tuned next month for another fun homeschooling unit that ties agricultural education in with math, reading, science, and more! In the meantime, find lots more fun homeschooling ideas on my Homeschool Pinterest Board. And don’t miss last month’s lesson, The Chicken or The Egg!