When I got a new activity tracker a few months ago, my kids became obsessed with it. They constantly asked how many steps I had, asked if they could wear it, and pushed me past my step goals (“Let’s try for 11,000 steps today, Mom!”). The logical end was both of them asking me: “Mom, can we get one of those, too?”

I didn’t get them their own Fitbits, but they were thrilled when we got to try out the LeapFrog LeapBand activity trackers. It tracks kids’ movements, and also gives them fun challenges to do (“Waddle like a penguin!”) to get them moving. By being active and completing challenges, kids can earn Joules to unlock new animal avatars. It all syncs through the computer using LeapFrog Connect, so you can track their progress.

LeapBand LeapFrog Connect

My oldest quickly became obsessed with earning Joules, and then decided, “Come on, Mom! Do the challenges with me! It’s good exercise for you.” So I got some points on my activity tracker, too. I asked him if he though the LeapBand was a fun toy, and he declared it, “2 billion fun.” So yeah, I think it’s a winner.

LeapBand LeapFrog Connect

As we transition to a new school year where the boys don’t get hours to aimlessly play outside, these bands will be a great tool for keeping them moving. It’s the perfect way to sneak in some active play for my two electronics-loving kiddos.

Would you like to get a LeapFrog LeapBand for free?

LeapFrog Connect LeapBand

Shoppers who purchase $30 or more of P&G products at participating Marsh grocery stores or O’Malia’s will receive a LeapFrog LeapBand activity tracker by mail. Here’s a little bit more info about where to shop and what to buy. I recommend taking advantage of this deal now, and tucking away the LeapBand for a Christmas present. One less thing on your list!

I’m also giving away a LeapBand and P&G prize pack to a lucky reader! In addition to the LeapBand, you’ll get an assortment of P&G products, shown below.

P&G LeapBand Prize Pack

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I received a LeapFrog LeapBand and P&G Prize Pack for writing this post. All opinions and hyper children are my own.