I feel like June went on forever. Now it’s already July 12th, and I’m like…what? How?

Here’s an update on my June intentions:

Make a Summer Bucket ListDone!

Clean Out the Linen Closet — Not done! But, in my defense, I ended up tackling some larger clutter projects, like sorting and purging the toy collection and going through a particularly daunting corner of our bedroom.

Learn Spanish — Nope. The Duolingo app is still on my phone, but I’ve only completed a few lessons. I’m going to consider trying again once school starts.

Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer — I didn’t do it. Totally wimped out.

What’s up for (the remaining weeks of) July?

July 2015 Intentions

Walk 40 Miles to Raise Awareness of Appalachian Hunger

The community my mom is from lost its only grocery store, and now the closest grocery is 40 miles away. The food banks are empty and they need help. I’ve committed to walking 40 miles this month to raise awareness and funds to fill the local food bank for a month. You can follow my progress by checking out the hashtag #40MilesForClay on Instagram and Twitter, and I’d love it if you’d consider making a donation of any size.

Clean and Organize Our School Area

School starts August 17th! And our school table is currently covered in non-school things. Our curriculum should arrive this month, so my goal is to have things organized and ready by August 1st, so we can enjoy the rest of summer and make a smooth transition back into the “real world.”

Build Up My Book Site

I’ve been using this month to do some reflection on my business plan, and I’ve made a commitment to really focus on creating quality content for It’s Fundamental, my children’s book site. If you’re into children’s literature, or if you’re a teacher or homeschooler, I’d love for you to check out the site and follow us on Pinterest. I love books and reading with my kids, and I’d really like the site to become a valuable resource for parents.

Only three things, but I think they will make for a full July. What do you intend to do this month?