One thing that seems to go along with introversion (at least in my case) is homebodyness. Meaning, as much as I like going places with my kids, I tend toward the “let’s stay home in our jammies!” state of mind. I fully support staying home in jammies, but I also know that the past couple of years summer has passed us by and we haven’t done some of the things I hoped we’d do.

Summer Bucket List


Since list making is my favorite form of inspiration, I put together a short summer bucket list. This will still give us plenty of lazy days, but it also gives us motivation to get out enjoy summer. With so many things to do in Indianapolis, there’s really no excuse.

What are we planning?

A Daytime Baseball Game

We always make time to catch an Indianapolis Indians game every year, but I’d really love to catch a weekday, afternoon game. Something about heading downtown in the middle of the workday to watch baseball sounds ridiculously indulgent and fun to me.  Hopefully the kids agree!

A Day on Mass Ave

I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Browsing the selection at Mass Ave Toys, a treat at Subzero, lunch at Bru Burger Bar…sounds fun, right?


We kind of accidentally hiked around the lake at the IMA 100 Acres last year, and it turns out that my oldest loves hiking (the youngest, not so much). I’d love to take my big guy on some more trails this year, starting with Holliday Park.

Monon Trail

Hiking…down to Huddles on the Monon.

An Outdoor Movie

This is another one of those things that I’ve always meant to do, but never actually done. There are so many free outdoor movies around during the summer, it would be silly not to take advantage.

Have A Picnic

I’ll be honest with you: to me, spreading out a blanket and having lunch is basically the same thing as saying, “Hey bugs! We brought you some delicious snacks!” But, my kids are dying to have a picnic. So, a picnic we will have.

Feed Ducks at the Canal

Neighborhood Ducks

Our finicky neighborhood ducks. Also featured: bedhead.

We have a duck pair that live in our neighborhood, but they never seem to be at the water when we go to feed them. Perhaps if we pack up our cracked corn and take it to the Canal Walk we’ll have more luck? If not, we’re still spending a day on the canal, which is pretty awesome.

If we can knock out these things this summer, I’ll feel like we’ve had plenty of rest time and fun time. And other than the bug feast, er…picnic, I think it will be lots of fun.

What are you up to this summer? Do you have a bucket list?