Seriously, it’s June? I’m still writing 2014 on my checks. Let’s see if I actually accomplished anything in May:

Send Four Cards or Letters — Done! I need to make this a regular habit, because the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me was awesome.

Take Each Son on a Date — I was able to do this more than once over the course of last month, and it was really special. My kids are very different, and getting to spend one-on-one time with each one pursuing their interests was a worthwhile investment of my time. Another thing that needs to become a regular habit.

Read 30 Minutes a Day — This goal helped me make better use of my downtime (aka reading instead of looking at Instagram while waiting in the pick-up line). I’m still a binge-reader at heart, though.

Take Walks — I’ve done really well with this, and my oldest son has been joining me, making this a fun kid date. He’s ruthless, though: “You need more steps mom! Let’s get 11,000 today!”

Make a Summer Plan — This has gone so much better than I thought! We have a very loose plan, which is how we roll. Our days are filled with books, math games, outside play, and some goof off time, too.

What’s up for June?

June 2015 Intentions



Make a Summer Bucket List

I don’t want summer to pass by without taking full advantage. My tendency is to be homebody, so I need something to motivate myself to get out the door and have some fun. We’re not going crazy, but I’ve got a short list of fun things I really want to do with my kids. It will be up on the blog soon!

Clean Out Our Linen Closet

Hot. Mess. There are lots of areas of our home in need of a purge, and this seems to be a good place to start.

Learn Spanish

I’ve downloaded the Duolingo app on my phone, and my goal is to do a lesson every day. I have no great expectations of becoming a fluent speaker, but I’d love to move a little closer to being able to converse with my non-English speaking neighbors.

Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

I’ve lost 10 pounds since I committed to living healthier, which is great — but I’ve been stuck here for awhile. I think working with a trainer would help me exercise more effectively and maybe actually build some muscle. I’ve investigated my options at our YMCA, and I think I could swing it financial. I’ve even found a trainer that I think would be a good fit for me. But…I’m terrified to revealing to another person just how weak and out of shape I am. This month, I am at least going to talk to someone at the Y about what personal training entails and how I start the process. Just as soon as I stop being terrified.

What do you intend to do this month?