Today’s Friday Giveaway is a tasty one!

Salsa Me Krazy

Salsa Me Krazy is made right here in Indiana by a Hoosier mom. I tried it for the first time last week…and went through an entire jar in two days. Without sharing it. It’s a little sweeter than most salsas, but that sweetness combined with some spice makes a truly addictive mix. I mean, it’s won awards for it’s tastiness and spice, so…that’s what I am going to use to justify my two-day salsa binge.

Salsa Me Krazy comes in Mild, Medium (my favorite), and Hot, and if you’re in Indy, you can find it at Marsh Supermarkets, as well as several other places throughout the midwest. You can also pick up a three-pack online. It’s got a fresh taste that you can’t find in most salsas, so I recommend picking it up for your Fourth of July festivities. Or hiding in the closet and eating the whole jar yourself. Your choice.

Or, you know, just win some!

I am giving away a three-pack of Salsa Me Krazy to a lucky reader. You guys know the drill; just use the form below to enter. Good luck!

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Thanks to Salsa Me Krazy for providing the giveaway prize. I have a professional relationship with the marketing company employed by Salsa Me Krazy. All opinions and salsa-hoarding are my own.