A few weeks ago, we hit THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT in our house when my Keurig coffee maker stopped working.

My poor dying coffee maker peed out a little trickle of hot water before dying completely. I frantically googled fixes and tried every solution I found, from cleaning the need to banging on the thing repeatedly, but it didn’t work. The Keurig was gone. Pour one out for my dead homie.

Now, I obviously loved my Keurig very much, mainly because it faithfully gave me coffee for so many years. But it definitely had its issues. First of all, those little K-cups are not cheap. A box of 12 K-cups is between $6-$8, and when you drink two (or more) cups a day, like I do…that $8 box of coffee doesn’t even last a week. You can always buy in bulk, but nothing makes you feel like more of an addict than ordering a box of 80 K-cups on Amazon. (Something I have totally done.)

Mmmm Coffee

My love. My precious.

I was also throwing a lot away with the Keurig. Everytime I was done making coffee, my used K-cup went in to the trash. Since I drink a lot of coffee, I was making a lot of trash, which was giving me a lot of guilt. Our family creates enough garbage without my help. (I’m looking at you, granola bar wrappers. I swear they multiply.)

However, because I am cheap, the true nail in the coffin of my Keurig ownership was the price. In addition to the cost of K-cups, the Keurig itself is not cheap. And when you’re a mom on a budget and your Keurig suddenly dies, dropping $100 on a new one is out of the question. So I had to find an alternative option. And alternative option that was available on Amazon Prime, because even two days without a coffee maker is like an eternity.

Direct quote from my five-year-old when he heard the Keurig was dead: “Somebody’s gonna be grumpy!”

It was in the best interest of myself and my family to order a new coffee maker immediately. Since I am the only coffee drinker in the house, I didn’t need a 12-cup behemoth. So I took to Amazon with the search term “small coffee maker,” and came up with the Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-cup Programmable Coffee Maker, priced at $19.99. (It’s a little more now.)

Mr. Coffe DRX5

The size was perfect, the price was perfect, and it was programmable, a feature my model of Keurig didn’t have. I did a little more research and found that I could order a reusable coffee filter for about $5, which would save money and cut down on trash. I read a few reviews, and then bit the bullet. After the longest two days of my life, my precious finally arrived.

You guys, I love this little coffee maker. It does a great job, takes up a lot less space on my counter, and faithfully brews a pot of coffee at 5 a.m. And if it dies, I’ll be able to order one for cheap on Amazon, and minimize my time at THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT.

Keurig you were attractive, flashy, and you made darn good coffee. I was intrigued by your speed and convenience. But I’ve grown up. My tastes are simpler. Mr. Coffee and I are starting to get serious, and while I appreciate what you did for me at a very important time in my life — I’m over you.