April, you are a cruel mistress. Despite providing me with another birthday and an awesome visit from Amanda, you were not so great when it came to sticking with my intentions. Time for a painful recap:

Exercise Three Times a Week — My activity level definitely improved, and I even checked out family yoga with the youngest (harder than it sounds). Still, three times a week, every week didn’t happen.

Set Firm Work Hours — Continuing to improve in this area. When I am at home I feel guilty I am not working. When I escape to work I feel guilty that I am not home.

Read Two More Books — Well, I can always count on this goal to be wildly successful!

Purge — I purged a few big items this month, which was freeing.  I also cleared a bunch of crap out of our bedroom. My next focus is our kitchen, where hopefully clearing out excess dishes and utensils will make it easy to…

Go to Bed With the Sink Empty — You guys. Our hot water crapped out AGAIN. And then I just lost my mojo. My theory is that if we have less, I won’t be able to go as long without washing, and the build up won’t be so intimidating. We’ll see.

What’s up for May?

May 2015 Intentions

Send Four Cards or Letters

I love getting snail mail, and I love sending it even more. I always mean to send cards to people, just because, but the actual doing it seems to get lost in the busyness of life.

Take Each Son on a Date

Both of my boys have made it clear in different ways that they are in need of some special one-on-one time. I need to take advantage while they still think hanging out with mom is cool.

Read 30 minutes a Day

When I love a book, I tend to be a binge reader. I am to try out reading 30 minutes a day instead of knocking out a book over the weekend. I think this will help me get through some of the heavier books on my list — the ones that are great, but aren’t fast reads.

Take Walks

I really want to take a walk every day the weather is nice, even if it’s only a short trip around the block. It rained today, but the forecast for the week is gorgeous, so hopefully we’ll get outside a lot. Having a frozen yogurt shop within walking distance is also good incentive.

Make a Summer Plan

In three weeks, my boys will be done with school, and they’ll be mine 24/7. I want us to have lots of fun this summer, but I also want to spend at least a little time each day on the basics. I want to do lots of reading together, and I want the boys to be able to explore some of their personal areas of interest. The trick is putting all together into an actionable plan!

What do you intend to do this month?