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It’s spring, and for many people that means planting flowers in the front yard, or even getting ready to plant a garden. In the spring farmers are planting as well, but the planting they are doing is a big part of their livelihood for the year.

It's Planting Season! A Homeschool Lesson About Growing Food

How does planting work on the farm? Is it more than just digging holes and planting seeds? We explore planting season in this months agriculture homeschool lesson. The lesson and activities featured below are suitable for students in preschool through 2nd grade, but as always, there much to learn for the teacher as well. The next time you eat a meal, take a moment to think about all the work that went into growing your food!

It’s Planting Season! A Homeschool Lesson About Growing Food

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Stay tuned next month for another fun homeschooling unit that ties agricultural education in with math, reading, science, and more! In the meantime, find lots more fun homeschooling ideas on my Homeschool Pinterest Board. And don’t miss last month’s lesson, A Day on the Farm!