It’s April! THANK. GOODNESS. I am so ready for warm weather and letting my kids run around outside until they pass out from exhaustion.

Here’s how March shaped up:

Go Grain- and Sugar-Free for the Month – I did it, y’all! And I lost ten pounds! Plus, I am sleeping better, am less sluggish, and am having fewer digestive issues. There maybe something to this, although Easter candy is threatening to ruin my mojo.

Re-launch It’s Fundamental – I did not create as much content as I wanted, but I did create some, so…win.

Set Firm Work Hours – Uh. Yeah. Due to health and life, these things are not nearly as firm as I want them to be. Say it with me now, “Leave your dang house, introvert!”

Read Two Books – Barely. But yes.

Survive – I am still alive. Score.

How am I going to hypothetically rock April?

April 2015 Intentions

Exercise Three Times A Week

Things that count as exercise: going to the Y to work out, taking walks with my kids. Things that do not count: pacing around my home trying to get 10k steps on my Fitbit before midnight.

Really Set Firm Work Hours

Early Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings I will be away from my home and working somewhere. This will keep my weekday work to a manageable routine.

Read Two More Books

I know, it’s boring to recycle a goal. But I need to keep reading. I am less me when I don’t.


I have so many movies I don’t watch, books I won’t read again, and the toy situation here is intense.

Go to Bed With the Sink Empty

Starting tomorrow night, of course.

What do you intend to do this month?