A few weeks ago my five-year-old asked to write a story with me. He gave me the words, and I wrote them down. This is probably interesting to no one but me, but I wanted to put it down here so I’ll always have it.

My Smart Kid

Once upon a time there was a little mouse and it went in a hole. It got a big wrapper. The mouse used the wrapper for an art craft. The mouse’s name was Sam. The mouse found a trash can. Then he saw a shoe. Then he saw a ball. Then he saw crayons. Then he saw wooden blocks. Then he saw a helmet. Then he ran into a big bin. Then he climbed up the bin. Then he saw a person. Then he saw a bear. The bear smashed him. Then the bear saw a bee. The bee stung the bear on his nose. Then a fly came. Then a dragonfly. Then a butterfly. Then a bottle had juice. Then there was a bottle of water. The bear drank a soda.

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