Last year, I jumped on the bandwagon of choosing a word to define my year. My word for 2014 was “less,” and I think I did an ok job of embracing what it represented for me. I cleared out a lot of physical and emotional junk, and while I wasn’t perfect, I was better.


This year’s word is “hustle.” I know it sounds like the complete opposite of “less,” but for me they kind of work together. When we started homeschooling in August, I had hard time getting with the program. I feel like I went through the rest of 2014 in survival mode. And because of that, I didn’t achieve all that I could.

This year, I don’t want to work more, but I want to work harder. I want to make better use of the time I have. I want to start strong and finish strong. So that’s why my word is “hustle.” I want to see my business grow, I want my home to be in order, and I want to make the most of my time with my kids. I want to choose the things I do wisely, and then I want to do them well.

One thing I am bringing back are my monthly intention posts. I started them last year, and then…yep. They died out. But since this is the year of hustle, I am resolved not to lose my zeal for goal setting in April. I am also resolved not to let my eventual screw-ups derail me for the rest of the year.

I also need to physically hustle because, well. Yeah. I got lazy in 2014, and it shows. Expect to see lots of health-related goals among the personal and professional ones.

And finally, I am resolved not to make too many references to the disco classic “The Hustle.” That one might be the hardest to keep.