Because I love hyperbole and talking about the things I’m into, I put together a list of my current obsessions of the month. This is what I’m digging right now — all the things my friends are tired of hearing about. Heh.

Current Obsessions January 2015

My Bullet Journal

I always seem to abandon conventional planners after a few months, in favor of an elaborate system of post-it notes. My posties were effective, but not always practical, and certainly not portable. So when my friend Cris recommended the Bullet Journal system of planning, I was intrigued. I tried it out, and after two days I was hooked. The best part? The only thing I had to buy was a 50 cent composition book.

Green Smoothies

I am a notorious breakfast skipper, which means by lunch I am starving and more likely to eat something that’s horrible for me. Smoothies seemed like an easy way to get some nutrition in the morning, but would I actually like them? My friend Stephanie pointed me toward the Simple Green Smoothies website, and my life has not been the same since. They provide a simple formula for creating your smoothie, and everything I’ve made so far has been delicious, and about 100x healthier than a bowl of cereal or sugary granola bar.

NPR One App

It might be hopelessly nerdy, but this little app lets me listen to all the NPR human interest stories I love no matter where I am. If I tag something as interesting, it will offer up similar content, and I can skip things that aren’t my taste. Plus, it’s free!


It’s basically Play-doh that doesn’t dry up, and it was a lifesaver today when the kids were driving me nuts and it was too cold to go outside. If your kids have cabin fever, the only cure is a bucket of Bubber. Or more cowbell.


What are you obsessed with this month?