Recently, my friend Missi posted on her blog about the things that make her weird. I immediately asked her if I could steal the idea, because who doesn’t love talking about their own oddities? So here are five things that make me a totally oddball weirdo. Turns out, I am way weirder than Missi.

5 Things That Make Me Weird

Bonus fact: I got my kid addicted to selfies.

1. Don’t touch my feet.

These piggies have never had a pedicure, because the thought of someone touching my feet totally grosses me out. I hate feet. Mine, yours, everybody’s. If you’re over the age of 3, your feet are gross and I don’t want to touch them.

2. And I don’t want a massage.

The thought of someone I don’t know rubbing me is completely uncomfortable. People will often suggest to my husband that he buy me a massage as a gift, and he has to say, “Um, you don’t know my wife….”

3. I hate balloons.

They make me nervous. I am constant bracing myself, waiting for them to pop. I also have issues with those biscuit tubes that pop open.

4. I have my library card number memorized.

Every Saturday, I open up the library email newsletter and request all the new books I want. I love the library to a scary degree.

5. I don’t like cold drinks.

I have sensitive teeth, so I prefer my beverages (especially soda) at room temperature. Yes, I’ve tried that special toothpaste.

What makes you weird?