Today’s pillow fort tips are sponsored by Pop Secret.

Winter is here, and that means more indoor time with my kids. More indoor time with my kids means I am ready to pull my hair out every day. They get bored, they get cranky, and then no-holds-barred wrestling matches ensue. Since I’d like to avoid trips to the ER if possible, I have to find something for them to do.

Enter the pillow fort. The time honored tradition of taking a bunch of pillows and blankets, piling them up in a complicated arrangement and letting your imagination go wild. I’m a big fan of pillow forts, and I’ve honed my skills to almost a professional level. I’m sure there are people who would pay big money for my pillow fort secrets, but I am going to give them to you absolutely free of charge. I’m a giver.

What are the five steps to a perfect pillow fort?

A Firm Foundation

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Much like your home, your pillow fort needs to be built on a strong foundation. If you’re dreaming big, you can pull the mattress off of the bed, but couch cushions covered with a blanket with also suffice.

Cuddly Friends

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You will no doubt spend countless hours in your pillow fort hiding from imaginary enemies, so you need to consider comfort. Grabbing your pillows and favorite stuffed animals will provide all the comforts of home as you lay low and plan your attack on the fictional bad guys.

The Perfect Roof

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We all have memories of covering our pillow forts with a blanket or sheet, only to have it slip off 30 seconds later. Then you’d try tying the blanket to a chair, and that would knock the chair over. My biggest pillow fort secret is the perfect solution to this problem — the fitted sheet. Topping your fort with a fitted sheet keeps everyone covered with no unplanned collapses. I know. You’re welcome.

Tasty Snacks

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Pillow forts require something tasty, simple to make, and easy to clean up. Your pillow fort is not the place for chicken soup or an ice cream sandwich. I think popcorn is the perfect pillow fort snack, and a bowl full of Pop Secret leads will sustain your little adventurers as they play, hide, and explore. As you can see, it was a hit with my two dreamers, who are currently “trapped in a dungeon.”


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Adventuring is hard work. At the end of the day, you want to kick up your feet and relax with your favorite show. At our house, it’s Disney Junior, of course. Your mileage may vary.

There you have it, the five steps to a perfect pillow fort. Gather your blankets, pillows, fitted sheets, and couch cushions and start planning your adventure. And be sure to head over to the Pop Secret Facebook page, where you can download a coupon to save $1 on your perfect pillow fort popcorn. Enjoy your snack and happy building!