My friend Ann-Marie has a journey similar to my own – after having a couple of kids, she really started to think about the ingredients in the products she used, and how they might affect her family. I invited her to the blog today to share her experience, and to also share some information about  my new favorite way to clean.

When my first child was born ten years ago, I really didn’t know much about organic this, and all-natural that. Friends swore by Dreft because it was safe for sensitive baby skin. Lavender-scented Johnson’s baby lotion supposedly helped to calm and soothe babies before bedtime. And there was even a plug-in warmer for jarred baby food. Everything a new mom needs, right?

I get it.

I did it!

After my next two kids came along, I started paying more attention to food labels and product ingredients. I’m still only scratching the surface. It’s not easy when you can’t pronounce ingredients, much less understand why they’re needed in your lotion, or detergent, or even food.

While I’m on my journey for a healthier home and lifestyle, I also am going to give myself a break. I will not allow myself to feel guilty for using a disposable wipe when my dog poops on the kitchen floor.

I will, instead, do what I can. And be proud that one less is doing good for the environment, and for our health. One less paper towel. One less bottled water. One less plastic bag in a landfill.

EnviroCloth from Norwex

What has helped me around the house, educated me on some serious science skills, and inspired me to learn more about #OneLess, is a company called Norwex, which I’m proud to represent as an Independent Consultant. What started as a ‘magic little microfiber cloth’ is now helping homes around the world to clean, removing EVERYTHING from a surface, with just water.

Norwex harnesses the power of silver, acting as an antimicrobial agent, in many of our products – from cloths to clean your kitchen counters, to even our toothbrushes!

Norwex Toothbrushes for Kids

Want to learn more? Join the Facebook event Crystal and I are hosting next Thursday, Nov. 20th at 9pm from the comfort of your jammies at home. I’ll share tips, a demonstration video or two, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Let us know in a comment if you’d like to join the Facebook event, and we’ll be in touch! In the meantime, hop over here to Crystal’s Norwex party link and take a look around. You can also find me over at Chaos Is Bliss where I’m knee-deep in blogging about great deals on Christmas gifts and more.