This post is sponsored by Twisted Sisters.

My husband will be the first to tell you that I am incredibly hard to shop for. I am picky, I like practical gifts, and I get very uncomfortable when people buy me things. I don’t need one more thing cluttering my house, you know? If I am going to receive something from my husband, I want it to be special.

After visiting the Twisted Sisters gift shop on Binford’s north end, I was able to very quickly populate my Christmas list for this year with unique and one-of-a-kind items. Twisted Sisters goes beyond gift cliches of bath sets and holiday-themed candy in a mug, and offers things that are fun, quirky, and unlike anything you’ll find at a department store chain.

Twisted Sisters


The sisters of Twisted Sisters are also lovely, and incredibly helpful in answering questions and showing you their favorite items. They are a local, woman-owned business, and they stock many items from other awesome locally-owned businesses. Shopping at Twisted Sisters is a great way to support local women and business owners, and you’re also guaranteed to have the coolest gift at the gift exchange.

As a public service to my husband, and to show you the kinds of unique items Twisted Sisters has to offer, I’ve assembled my Christmas list for this year — five things I would love to see under the tree from Twisted Sisters.

Sassy Coffee Mugs

Twisted Sisters Coffee Mug

If there’s two things I love, it’s coffee and sass. No one knows this better than my husband. Fun mugs like this are an easy win, and Twisted Sisters has a great selection.

Wine Accessories

I improve with wine

I don’t really need to explain this one, right? Twisted Sisters has an awesome array of adorable wine glasses and gifts. I’m adorable, and I love wine. Done and done.

Stamped Metal Jewelry

Being nice makes you cool.

I fell in love with this locally-made stamped metal jewelry. Being nice really does make you cool.

Book Letters

Book letters

YOU GUYS. Letters made out of BOOKS. I love these. Love love love love them. I’d have to put them up high to keep the kids’ grubby hands off them, but that’s ok by me.

boris loved natasha Purses

boris loved natasha clutch

The product that really stole my heart were these locally made clutches and purses from boris loved natasha. I love that Twisted Sisters stocks these amazing items from a local artist. I really want one of these purses. Really, really. Did you hear that honey? I REALLY want one.

This is just a small slice of the wide array of things you can find at Twisted Sisters. It’s the perfect place to shop for that “person who has everything,” whether it’s your mom, your wife, your girlfriend, or your sister-in-law. I even found a few items my husband would like. Stop by soon to knock some items off your Christmas list, and pick out a few things you want to see under the tree as well.