This post and crazy video are brought to you by Fruit Shoot. The insane kids are mine.

I am always impressed by my boys’ imaginations. They can take just about anything and make it into a game or an activity. Sticks become lightsabers. Dad’s shoes become space ships for action figures. All my two really need to have a good time is their brains and each other.

Fruit Shoot

When I told the boys that Fruit Shoot was having a video contest where they could be animated into action stars, they were ALL OVER IT. With basically no prompting from me, they came up with a game called “Fruit Shoot Time!” Ladies and gentlemen, I present our entry into the Have a Ball Stunt Hunt competition:

That’s about 20 seconds, but they continued the game for a loooong time. And since Fruit Shoot has a no-spill lid, I just let them do their thing.

Fruit Shoot Time!

After the game was over, they enjoyed their drinks. No added sugar and no HFCS means I don’t have to feel guilty about letting them enjoy a yummy drink. I might have even popped one into a certain someone’s lunchbox for tomorrow. And I may have even enoyed a little Fruit Shoot myself. Allegedly.

Fruit Shoot Time!

Do you think your kids could be the next Stunt Hunt action stars? All you need is a smartphone, a Fruit Shoot, a ball, and some imagination. You even get a free Fruit Shoot for entering! Here’s more info:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been challenged to a game of Fruit Shoot Time. Wish me luck.