Today’s Five on Friday is brought to you by the Helen Wells Agency. Thank you Lauren for the amazing pictures!

I’m usually trying to save money rather than spend it, but I think that family photos and photos of your kids are a great investment. Sure, I take a ton of pictures myself, but it’s also great to have professional photos to share with friends, hang on the walls, and print on your Christmas cards. I’ve been amazed at some of the adorable moments a professional photographer can capture.

Helen Wells Agency Family Photos

Family photos aren’t cheap, and with so many options out there, it can be hard to determine which photographer is the right fit for your family. After a great session with the Helen Wells Agency, I came up with a list of five things I think you need to look for in your family photographer — five things I saw with our photographer Lauren.

A Great Reputation

Owning  DSLR camera doesn’t magically make someone a photographer. Photography is a skill that needs to be learned and developed. Look for someone who has great feedback. Friends, family, and online reviews can all help you determine if the photographer you’re considering is someone worth spending money on. I was excited to work with Helen Wells Agency because I had heard nothing but absolute rave reviews about their work. And Lauren did not disappoint!

Helen Wells Agency Family Photows

A Great Portfolio

Since photography is 100% visual, you want your photographer to have a vast body of work. Look for more than just one type of shot; you don’t want to hire someone who is a one-trick pony. Look at lots and lots of photos from your potential photographer to get an idea of what they can offer you.

Lauren in Action

Lauren in action.


If kids are in the equation, patience will be necessary from both you and your photographer. My oldest son was in a bit of a smart-aleck mood the day of our session, but our awesome photographer Lauren never stopped smiling and just rolled with the punches. We never felt rushed; Lauren took the time that was needed to capture the perfect shot.

Helen Wells Agency Family Photos


Some of you are probably capable of coming up with great ideas on where and how to have your photos done. I am not. When I told Lauren I had no idea what I wanted to do for the boys’ pictures, she was full of great ideas. All I had to do is show up with my cute kids, and she made it happen.

A Fun Personality

Kids smiles are best when the are genuine. Lauren knew this, and she didn’t bat an eye when I was yelling, “Poop!” and, “Boogers!” to get my kids to smile. (Boy moms, you feel me on this one, right?)  Lauren even joined in! Plus, she was up, down, and all around to make sure she got the very best photos. If you’re photographing little kids, a photographer who isn’t afraid to get a little silly is an absolute must. I’d rather have beautiful, real smiles than a stiff, posed picture, wouldn’t you?

Helen Wells Agency Family Photos

Don’t just hire the cheapest photographer you can find, or your sister’s husband’s cousin who is going to give you a great deal. Take some time to investigate and get to know the person who will be taking your pictures. Doing so will guarantee you’re investing in something that will bring you joy for years to come. You can probably guess who I would recommed — I mean, come on. Can you get any more adorable than this?

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