Today’s Five on Friday is brought to you by Viva.

I have a bad habit of buying cheap paper towels. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, but the bargain-basement paper towels I favored tend to disintegrate before they are actually useful. I end up using twice as many paper towels to scrub juice out of the carpet, or toothpaste off of the mirror, or whatever the latest mess may be.

Viva Vantage

If I am going to spend the money on paper towels, I want them to work. I teamed up with Viva to break down the five characteristics of a perfect paper towel, as demonstrated by the Viva Vantage. You can always count to me to tackle the pressing issues of the day

Five Characteristics of the Perfect Paper Towel


Sticky Toddler Face

I need a paper towel that can scrub Sticky Toddler Face without causing tears or removing skin. As you can see above, Sticky Toddler Face was no match for Viva.


Viva vs. Cookie Sheet

As mentioned above, paper towel disintegration is a major issue in my life. (I know.) In the battle of Viva Vantage versus Crusty Cookie Sheet, Viva was the clear winner.



A stretchy paper towel is less likely to tear or fall apart. You can also use more of the surface of the paper towel, which saves money in the long run.



A paper towel with a good scrubbing surface saves me time and energy. Like when I spill coffee on the cabinets and don’t want to spend a lot of time scrubbing it off, because my coffee is getting cold.


Choose a Size

I know opinions are divided on this one, but I love being able to select a small, medium, or large paper towel. (My mom on the other hand…don’t get her started.) I don’t need to use a full-sized paper towel for a little stain. And some messes in my house (ok, many messes in my house) require lots of paper towels. Lots.

I put the Viva Vantage through some serious tests, and I am happy to say it exceeded my expectations. What do you look for in a paper towel? Let me know all your deep thoughts in the comments.