Today’s Five on Friday is sponsored by Indiana’s Family of Farmers. All State Fair love is mine.

When I tell people from out of state how excited I get for the Indiana State Fair, sometimes I get weird looks. Obviously these people have never experienced the magic of one of the best fairs in the country. What could there possibly be to do at a State Fair? Here are some of my favorite things:

5 Things to See at the Indiana State Fair

Little Hands on the Farm – We’ve done this since my oldest is in a stroller. It’s a fun, hands-on way for little ones to learn about farming and how it supports our economy. An especially fun activity for city kids like mine! This year, they’ve expanded Little Hands and added even more opportunities for fun learning. If you have kids under 10, don’t miss it!

Indiana State Fair Glass Barn

Glass Barn – This is a recent addition to the State Fair that my kids love. There are lots of opportunities for interactive learning, and you get to “meet” some real Indiana farmers. There’s also a fun photo booth that we visited more than once!

Animal Barns – Maybe it’s a given, but the animal barns are one of the best parts of the fair. We hit every. single. one. this year. Don’t miss the barn that has rabbits and poultry; there’s a unique opportunity to see baby chicks hatch!

Chub and Jerry

Boy Scout Experience – Boys and girls can have a great time trying out scout activities over by the Boy Scout Bridge. My oldest is now counting down the days until he’s old enough to be a Cub Scout.

Indiana’s Family of Farmers Recipe Trail – If you collect recipe cards from 10 different spots around the fair and then bring them to the DuPont Food Pavillion, IFOF and Feeding Indiana’s Hungry will donate one pound of food to Indiana food banks. This is a great way to help others and make sure you’re seeing different aspects of the fair. And, you get 1o new recipes to try out at home. If you go to the fair, make sure you take advantage of the  recipe trail!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

If you love the Indiana State Fair as much as I do, head over to my Facebook page, where I’m giving away tickets. If you see me at the fair, be sure to say hi, and save me a deep fried red velvet Oreo!