My reading pace has slowed a bit this summer, mainly because we’re spending more time outside playing. I usually bring a book along for our front yard adventures, but more often than not I’m breaking up fights or retrieving toys instead of reading. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to add a few more books to my “read” shelf on Goodreads. Here’s what I’ve been reading this summer:

What I'm Reading, Summer 2014

Little House on the Prairie (Laura Ingalls Wilder) – The boys and I have been reading through the Little House series, and we recently finished the second book. I wondered if the book would hold their attention as much as the first one, but they loved it. The book reflects the attitude of the times toward Native Americans, which led to some really great discussion about how we should treat others. The boys were excited to read “Laura and Mary” (as they called it) every night, and I loved sharing a piece of my childhood with them. Which leads us to…

Farmer Boy (Laura Ingalls Wilder) – We just started Farmer Boy this week. This book focuses on the childhood of Laura’s husband, Almanzo Wilder. The boys miss hearing about the Ingalls family, whom they’ve come to love, but they’re excited to read a book about a boy. Another great family read.

Gideon: Your Weakness; God’s Strength (Priscilla Shirer) – This was our summer Bible study at church, and I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a Bible study that will encourage and challenge you, I highly recommend gathering some girlfriends and doing this study, along with the video sessions, which are available from Lifeway.

Love in a Time of Homeschooling: A Mother and Daughter’s Uncommon Year (Laura Brodie) – We are kicking off homeschooling in a couple weeks, so this was an appropriate read. Brodie made the decision to homeschool her daughter Julia for a year, due to her daughter’s unique learning style. This book is a pretty balanced look at homeschooling, and how it’s a good option for some, but not all children. I enjoyed learning from Brodie’s experience.

Everything You Know About the Constitution is Wrong (Edward Snowden) – I try to avoid politics as much as possible on this blog, but I will say that the erosion of personal freedoms in the name of national security are a huge concern of mine. This book is interesting and challenging, and is worth a read, no matter your view on the Constitution or the NSA.

The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History (Robert Edsel) – I saw the film based on this book back in February and loved it (history nerd!). I started the book this summer, but haven’t finished it yet. It’s a long book that takes a lot of attention to keep names, dates, and locations straight, which basically means I can’t read it if my kids are awake. It was due back to the library before I could finish it, so I am waiting for my turn to come around again. I highly recommend the movie, and so far the book gets my recommendation as well.

I also had the opportunity to review an advanced copy of my friend Amanda’s new book, which will be the sequel to the excellent Anabel UnraveledYou’ll hear more from me this fall when the book comes out, so read the first one now and get excited about the sequel!

Enough about me; what are you reading this summer?

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