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Last December, we celebrated a big milestone in our home – no more diapers! My youngest finally started using the potty, and I am happy to save I haven’t changed a diaper in almost six months. Having two children in less than two years meant a pretty much constant stream of diaper changing, with many of months of having two in diapers. NO FUN.

5 Tips for Dealing With Diapers

The upside to my extensive diaper experience (including many years of working in a daycare) is that I’ve learned a thing or two about diapers — specifically what NOT to do and how to save time and frustration. So Huggies and I teamed up today to present my five tips for dealing with diapers without losing your sanity.

Pass on a Regular Baby Shower – I know that it’s fun to open cute little outfits and toys at your baby shower, but I suggest having a diaper shower or stressing to shower guests that you want diapers (in various sizes) and wipes as a baby gift? Why? Well, first of all, it will save you a TON of money. Second, you’ll have diapers on hand all the time, and you won’t have to make any emergency diaper when you’re sleep deprived or covered in spit up.

Make Emergency Diaper Packs – Grab a few gallon-size freezer bags and put in a couple of diapers, and a travel pack of wipes. Stash these bags in your glove box, your desk at work, your child’s cubby at daycare…basically anywhere you might get stuck without diapers. If your child is prone to blowouts you might also include an extra outfit. Sadly I’ve forgotten the diaper bag on more than one occasion, or opened it to find no diapers inside. Having these packs stashed away can be a lifesaver, and not having them can be a total bummer. Trust me on that one.

Always Have an Extra Pack of Diapers – If you have a pack open, you should always have a back-up pack. I know, I know, easier said than done. But those diapers go fast. I swear, you open a pack, and 24 hours later it’s empty. And the bigger the diapers get, the fewer there are in a pack. Try to always have an extra unopened pack waiting in the wings. Following tip #1 will help will this, and so will the upcoming tip #5.

Always Have the Next Size Up on Stand-by – Kids grow way too fast. That cutie in the picture up there just turned five. Your baby will be in the next size diapers before you know it. If you’re unprepared, you  might be trying to cram your baby’s chubby buns into a diaper that doesn’t quite fit, and that can have disastrous results. Again, trust me on that one.

Shop Online for Diapers – You’re exhausted. You may or may not have showered in the past 48 hours. The last thing you want to do is go out in public to buy diapers. That’s why online shopping is so great. Buying diapers online saves you so much time, and in many instances, it can save you money as well. I recommend checking out, because they have great price and a HUGE selection – no going to the store to find out your preferred brand or size is gone. Shopping online also allows you to stock up and buy before you need them.

To help you out with these five diapering tips, I have something special for you! You can save $12 on your first order of a case of Huggies diapers. Just enter the code WOWHUGGIES at check-out. New members can also get free shipping on orders over $49.

Ok, moms. Go forth and diaper. I promise there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. In the meantime, do all you can to make it as easy as possible.