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If you’ve seen me recently, you’ve probably seen me wearing a sundress. Sundresses are my go to in the summer; a great summer dress or maxi skirt is the perfect way to be comfortable and cute. And they’re so easy. Here are five reasons I’m obsessed with dresses.

Gordmans Sun Dresses

Can you hear the angels singing?



Maxi skirts are like the yoga pants of dresses. A long, cottony sundress or skirt is super comfortable for lounging around on a hot day.


Sundresses allow you to put in minimal effort and still look stylish. You may get judgy looks when you leave the house in your stretch pants and a t-shirt, but that’s not happening with a dress.


I wear sundresses to the grocery store. I wear them to the library. I wear them to meetings. I wear them to church. I wear them on dates. And in all these situations I am dressed appropriately. There’s very little thinking on my part. I like that.

Gordmans Maxi Skirts

Gordmans Wall ‘O Maxi Skirts


A long dress means you can look cute and you don’t necessarily have to shave your legs. I’m just saying.


There are so many cute sundresses. I recently checked out the selection at Gordmans and I was floored by how many cute dresses they had. So many bright colors and prints, and they all fit the budget.

What did I go with from Gordmans? I decided on this fun dress, with a pink sweater to go over it.

Summer Sundress

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