This post is sponsored by Alpine Lace, but Life Ingredients are all my own.

“Why am I so stinking tired?”

I asked a good friend of mine this question last week, but I already knew the answer. I’m tired because my diet has been awful, I’m not exercising, and my kids have the world’s nuttiest sleep schedule. I can’t do much about my kids, but I can take control of what I do for myself. And one of the most important steps is the diet.

I am so bad about eating regularly during the day. I get into the groove of working and doing things with the kids, and I don’t take time to eat until I am absolutely starving. And when I do eat, carbs are my go-to. Entire box of mac and cheese, anyone? Not the best choice. I need healthier snacks during the day, and I need more protein. And I need those snacks to be easy to make and tasty, otherwise they just won’t happen.

This week, I put together a couple of easy and tasty snacks using Alpine Lace® Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese as a source of protein. I am an absolute cheese addict, and I love that I don’t have to do anything to it – I just grab a slice out of the package and make something awesome. Here are some of the things I’ve created:

My first pairing was easy – swiss cheese with cucumber slices. I sprinkled a tad of garlic salt on the cucumber to add some flavor.

Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese

My next experiment – wheat crackers with swiss cheese and a little bit of guacamole on top. DIVINE.

Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese

Finally, the easiest snack of all – opening up my Alpine Lace® Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese and grabbing a slice. Delicious.

Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese

Being exhausted all the time keeps me from being the best mother, employee, and friend that I can be. The small choice to add more protein in my diet has made a big difference for me. My family, my friends, and my work are the ingredients that make my life great, and I don’t want to miss a minute of time with my “life ingredients.”

Alpine Lace RDA
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