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My kids are at that age where they want to eat the same. thing. every. day. Namely, peanut butter sandwiches – just peanut butter for the youngest, add jelly for the oldest. All day, every day, this is what they eat.

They may not get bored with this meal plan, but I sure do. So I decided to have a little fun with lunch, and incorporate some other food groups into the mix, so the boys would have a more balanced meal. I’m not super-crafty, so I came up with something really easy that was also really fun.

I started by taking the bread and cutting it into a circle. I used the lid from an old peanut butter jar, but you can use a pizza cutter, too.

Circle Bread

After adding the sandwich filling (peanut butter, of course) and sticking the bread together, I added fruit. Blueberry eyes and an apple slice mouth. This is just what we had at home – you can choose your own fruits and get creative!

Sandwich Face

Next I added hair — also known as shredded cheese. Since my youngest is allergic to dairy, he had mango slice hair instead.

Easy Fun Lunch Ideas

And finally a drink to go with lunch. Instead of our usual water or almond milk, I gave the boys a special treat of Robinson’s Fruitshoot. It’s a yummy way to keep them hydrated, and it doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, so I can feel good about giving it to them as an occasional treat. The boys loved them!

How do you keep lunch fun and exciting? I’d appreciate any  help you can give me. There’s also some great ideas over on the Fruitshoot Facebook page.