Mommy, why did the Video kill the Radio Star?

Is the Radio Star a bad guy?

Do you think dinosaurs are sad that they are extinct?

Did Jesus like cupcakes or doughnuts better?

Mommy, when you die, can I have your car?

Four Year Old Questions

Why do I have nipples?

How does my food turn into poop?

If we see a bad guy, can I punch him in the throat?

Did I grow from a seed?

When I was a baby, how did I get into your belly?

Who put me there?

How did I get out of your belly?

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Are sharks the king of the ocean?

Is there every kind of toy in Heaven?

Why did you get me a little brother?

Can you get me a sister next time?


(Yes, dear.)

Do you really love me so much?

Finally, one I can answer.

Robert Indiana Number Four