We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how important is it really?


Gary Brackett Serving Breakfast


Important enough that former Colts Linebacker (and awesome guy) Gary Brackett would get up early to serve some local middle schoolers.


I also woke up early on Tuesday morning, to help kick off School Breakfast Week. Gary Brackett, Blue and the Colts Cheerleaders, Buttercup the Cow, and Grady from 1070 The Fan gathered to share with Decatur Middle School students why eating breakfast is so important for academic success. Studies have shown that kids who skip breakfast have slower memory recall and make more errors on their work. Not a good thing, especially considering ISTEP is coming up.


It's Buttercup!


As a tween and teen, I was a total breakfast skipper. I wanted to sleep in as long as possible, so if that meant skipping breakfast, so be it. That usually led to poor choices when lunchtime came around. The USDA School Breakfast program is great because it provides breakfast options for kids who don’t eat breakfast at home, whatever the reason may be.  Breakfast seems like a small thing, but it’s really key in academic success. (Full disclosure: I am still guilty of skipping breakfast sometimes. The results are never pretty – I end up irritable with a headache by noon. So yeah, this breakfast reminder is not just for the kids.)


I Support #SchoolBreakfast


It’s great to see our community rally to support this awesome program. The part I loved the most was seeing local celebrities and sports stars serving the kids. You could tell that their involvement meant so much to the middle school students. I mean, how many times in life do you get to say that Gary Brackett served you a chocolate chip muffin? Pretty awesome.


Gary Brackett at School Breakfast Week

OMG, you guys.


Thanks so much to Indiana Dairy for the opportunity to attend this event! Want to see more pictures from National School Breakfast Week? Follow me on Instagram!