Like many moms here in Indy, I’ve been to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis approximately 5,893 times since my kids were born. I’m not complaining; I love the museum, both for what it teaches my kids and how worn out they are after we leave.


But what would happen if adults took over the Children’s Museum?

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

 Well, I got to find out when I served as a Social Media Lifeguard at  this year’s Adult Swim Indy. What’s Adult Swim? It’s a night where the Children’s Museum gives adults full run of the building, while providing them with some excellent food and (adult) beverages. As a Social Media Lifeguard, my job was to share about the event on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and to hand out goodies (like drink tickets) to people I saw using social media. Not a bad gig.

Adult Swim Indy Social Media Lifeguard

My thoughts about the event can best be described like this: OMG YOU GUYS SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. There’s something extra-awesome about exploring the Children’s Museum with a glass of wine in hand and no kids asking to go potty. Here are five reasons I think that Adult Swim Indy is a must-do for any grown up:

Delicious Food and Drink – Cerulean. Seasons 52. Melting Pot. Flying Cupcake. Easley Winery. Sun King Brewery. Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Those are just the few of the selections that were available at Adult Swim Indy this year. The wide array of choices meant there was something for everyone. The Children’s Museum has never smelled so delicious.

Playing on Exhibits – All those things you always wanted to try, but couldn’t? At Adult Swim you can. Sit in the race car, explore Treasures of the Earth, play some board games in Carousel Wishes and Dreams. You’re no longer limited by your child’s lightening-short attention span.

adult swim indy

 Grown-ups on the Carousel – Is there anything more hilarious than a bunch of nicely-dressed adults riding on the carousel? Plus, you get the opportunity to take your very own #CarouSelfie.


 Everything is AWESOME – Ok, sorry to get that Lego Movie earworm stuck in your head, but there’s really no better way to describe this event. No one is unhappy at Adult Swim Indy. NO ONE. Everyone is friendly and fun. The whole place has this energetic buzz that’s hard to put into words – but it’s addictive and totally awesome.

Helping Others – All this fun and you get to help people, too? That’s right. Proceeds from the event go to fund arts programming for youth. So you get an amazingly enjoyable night, and you get the warm fuzzies that come from helping kids and the arts. High five!

If you want to see more from the event, follow me on Instagram to see my pictures. Or check out the hashtag #AdultSwimIndy on Instagram or Twitter. I hope you will swim with me next year!