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Hundreds of emails pass through my inbox every week, and rarely does a subject line make me hyperventilate. But this one?

Clinton Kelly is coming to Indiana and we’d love for you to cover it!

OMG, you guys. O.M.G.

The show What Not to Wear came out when I was in college, and I used to watch it religiously. I credit Clinton Kelly and his partner on the show Stacy London with teaching me to how dress for my first “big girl” job; I learned the importance of investing in classic pieces, and dressing for the shape I am now. I was never quite as bad of fashion disaster as the women on the show (I think), but it taught me many things about style.

So why was Clinton here in Indy? Clinton has teamed up with Macy’s to help women find the best styles for them, no matter their age or body type. I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show where Clinton showed how all women can incorporate spring trends into their wardrobes. I also had the opportunity to talk with Clinton (I.KNOW.) and grab a copy of his new book, Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget.

Before the fashion show, my friend Angie and I had the chance to chat with Blair Patterson, make-up artist extraordinaire. I asked Blair what the biggest mistake he sees women make was, and he said it’s getting in a rut with your make-up and doing the same thing every day.

Blair Patterson Applying Make-up

Making a Beautiful Winged Eye

Oops. Busted. Blair recommends looking to seasonal collections from cosmetic companies for inspiration, and said to try new things with your make-up at night when you don’t have anywhere to go. The morning rush usually keeps us from trying something new.

Then it was time to get ready for a fashion show and Q&A with Clinton. Because of the interference of an exploding garbage truck (for real), Clinton missed his first flight to Indy and arrived just before it was time for the show to start. You’d never know it by watching him, though. He was every bit as charming and funny as he is on television.

Clinton Kelly at Macy's

It’s really him!

The event started off with a fashion show highlighting some of the trends of the season. Clinton didn’t just show us the trends, though. He showed us how all different types of women can wear them and look awesome, from millennials, to curvy girls, to more mature women. And true to form, all of the outfits were amazing and the ladies looked gorgeous. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the night – all available at Macy’s:

Macy's Moto Jacket

Super cute moto jacket.


Macy's Full Skirts

I’m in love with the outfit on the left.


Macy's Lace Dress

Obsessed with this lace dress. And Kate is gorgeous.


After the fashion, it was time for Q&A with Clinton. Here are just a few of the things I learned:

Clinton Kelly Q and A

Is “will you be my best friend” an appropriate question?

  • If you’re a petite woman, you  need to have a great tailor.
  • A bra that fits is a must. “The higher the boobs, the closer to God.”
  • Rompers and jumpsuits are extremely hard to wear. Proceed with caution.
  • If you’re addicted to black, be careful. Black can draw attention to the shadows on your face — what we commonly call “wrinkles.” Yikes.
  • Every woman needs a knit jacket – AND I WAS WEARING A KNIT JACKET. Success!
  • Fashion is what you see in the runway. Style is how you interpret fashion. Fashion = the buffet. Style = what you put on your plate.
  • The number one question friends have asked me about the event: after 10 years of working side-by-side for 60 hours a week, Clinton and Stacy do not see much of each other anymore. Clinton still loves her, but as he said, “We’re seeing other people.”

The best part of the Q&A for me was not the fashion advice, but something that Clinton said when talking about his journey from a writer and magazine editor to the host of What Not to Wear and then to The Chew. He mentioned that he’d been invited to do different shows that criticize what celebrities wear, but he really feels that his calling is to help real women feel better about themselves, not to make celebrities feel worse about themselves. PREACH.

Once the event wrapped, I had the opportunity to sit down with Clinton. The fun and friendly Clinton you see on television is not an act; he was so incredibly nice and easy to talk to. He even complimented my knit jacket, which means I’m never taking it off again. Even though he’d had a crazy day, he was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Clinton Kelly Interview

This really happened.

Looking back, do you shake your head at any of your past style choices?

Clinton said he solution for this is not to look back, but he recently saw a picture of himself in  a pair of Z. Cavarricci jeans  — acid wash, high-waisted, tapered, and pleated. Everything awful you could do to these jeans had been done. Not his best fashion moment.

I’ve had two kids. I have a mom tummy. Help!

Clinton recommended a jacket as the best way to hide mom tummy, and noted he wouldn’t have known about my mom tummy if I hadn’t said anything, since I was wearing a jacket. He also recommended a professional bra fitting, to “lift the girls” and draw attention upward. The vast majority of women wear the wrong bra size; we tend to go too large in the cup, and too small in the band. Tops with some structure are also important; a t-shirt is basically a tube, and most of us don’t have tube shaped bodies.

Jackets, bras, and structure, ladies. That’s where it’s at

Favorite TV shows other than your own?

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Clinton Kelly Picture

This also happened. OMG.

Then we posed for pictures and Clinton signed a copy of Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget for me. And I kept pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget

“Crystal, Stay Fabulous! xo Clinton Kelly”

To summarize: professional bra fittings are a must, knit jackets are awesome, and Clinton Kelly is the nicest.

Clinton Kelly Tweet

YOU GUYS. Also? Clinton has the best Twitter profile EVER.