I’ve been clearing a lot of clutter out of my life, including my closet. I recently got rid of two big bags of clothes that either didn’t fit anymore, never fit in the first place, or went out with the 90s. Working at home means a lot of yoga pants, and so I get by with a smaller wardrobe than I had before.


That being said, I do like to get new clothes every now and then. What girl doesn’t? However, I don’t have the money to buy something I can only wear one place. I need something I can wear when I’m taking the kids to the museum, taking a client to lunch, or taking the family to church. And I need it to not cost very much. (I’m so demanding).


I had exactly $50 to spend on something I could wear just about anywhere; challenge accepted. I grabbed my shopping partner…


My Gordmans Shopping Partner


And headed to Gordmans.


Gordmans Store


So many choices. My shopping partner was all business, so I had to get right to it. I gravitated to this gorgeous black print dress (only $29.99!), but I already have several black dresses, and this didn’t meet my “wear anywhere” criteria.


Gordmans Dress

I still want it.


Then I got distracted by handbags.


Gordmans Handbags


But my shopping partner reminded me that there were toys to be looked at, and I needed to get a move on. After a little more exploration and a trip to the fitting room, I found exactly what I needed.


So what did we go with? A super cute grey jacket with white stripes – lightweight and versatile ($21.99). Under that, a soft green t-shirt that I am totally in love with ($6.99). On my feet, a pair of adorable $9.99 coral flats. And my favorite part, the pack of chevron socks to go with those flats ($4.99). The end result was a look I could put with jeans, slacks, or a skirt to make a wide variety of looks.


Gordmans Outfit

Backdrop courtesy of my shower curtain.


Best part? I had enough leftover in my fashion budget to buy my shopping partner and his brother each a puzzle. Not a bad way to end a shopping day.


Thanks to Gordmans for providing me with a gift card to complete this post.