My intentions post is a little late this month. Thankfully, timeliness was not one of my intentions. Let’s see how I did, and what’s on the plate for February.


My January Intentions





(You can read more about my January intentions here.)


Our bedroom. Yeah. Still not done. Apparently, you have to build things into your day-to-day tasks to be able to cross them off your monthly list. Sigh. Still working on it.


Read books. I did it! Thanks, Polar Vortex.


Join a Bible Study and GO! Well, this didn’t really happen, but it wasn’t my fault. I signed up for bible study, and then the weather kept us from meeting in January. I attended for the first time last week, and it was decidedly less terrifying than I thought it would be.


Keep  my daily schedule. I tried, guys. Sometimes, I even succeeded. But my kids have recently decided that sleep sucks, and they would much rather stay up until the wee hours, which makes it hard to follow through with anything the next day. I want to try this again when they even out and when it’s warm enough to go outside and run them until they drop.


My February Intentions:


my february intentions


Our bedroom. I know, guys. I KNOW. But I am trying a different approach this month. Five hours a week in the bedroom sorting and clearing. I’ll set my timer and everything. Apparently I need more of a concrete goal to make this happen.


Read books. Still. I want to read at least four books this month.


Go to bed with the sink empty. I know it’s lame that this even has to be a goal, but it is.


No extra spending. I am trying to do one of those challenges where I only buy necessities for a month. Yes, I purposely picked the shortest month of the year. I’ve already messed up once by getting fast food for the boys when we were out and about, but I’m resolved to pack snacks, avoid the Target clearance, and take advantage of free fun. It’s harder than I thought it would be (Target has a TON of shoes on clearance right now), but since my word of the year is less, and I am trying to learn more about what I need versus what I want.


What are your intentions for the month?