If you have children (or even if you don’t), you’ve probably heard of Disney’s latest animated movie FrozenSince the movie’s release, I’ve seen endless articles and videos about little girls embracing the movie. They love dressing up like the main characters Anna and Elsa, they love singing the songs, they love everything about the movie – and I can’t blame them. I love it, too.

But Frozen isn’t just for girls. We saw it when it first came out in theaters, and both of my boys loved it. Frozen was released on Amazon Instant Video on Tuesday, and we’ve watched multiple times each day since.  We rock out to the soundtrack in the car, to the point that if we arrive at our destination mid-song, the youngest makes us wait until it’s over before we get out. Frozen-fever has hit our household harder than winter hit Arendelle.

I don’t like classifying things for kids into the categories of “girl” and “boy.” I think kids should be free to like what they like, without having to feel weird if what they like is in the “wrong” category. However, if you’re a mom who hasn’t taken your boys to see Frozen because you think they won’t like it, you might be missing out.

 Five Reasons Boys Love Frozen


Five Reasons Boys Love Disney Frozen

Olaf – Do you want to build a snowman? My kids do. In fact, they’ve asked every day this week if they can go build one, in the hopes that it will come to life like Olaf does. Olaf provides the comic relief in the movie, and he’s just plain cute. You can always tell my youngest’s favorite character in anything, because he takes on that persona as “his” when playing. This week he’s been telling me, “Mommy, I Olaf!”

Frozen Heart – The opening song of the movie, featuring strong men sawing and loading up blocks of ice, is about about as manly as you can get. This is my boys’ favorite song from the movie, and they enjoy running around the house “sawing ice” with anything they can find.

Kristoff and Sven – My boys relate to Kristoff because he’s handsome and heroic, but a little rough around the edges. He shares his food with his pet, and he picks his nose – just like they do. They love Kristoff’s interactions with his reindeer Sven, and because of this friendship our poor dog keeps getting tied up to makeshift “sleds.”

The Princesses – To quote my oldest (age 4), “Elsa is so beautiful!” Lord, help me.

It’s A Darn Good Movie – The story is a great blend has a great blend of humor, drama, and touching moments. The characters are likable and well-rounded. The music is fantastic.  Seriously, what’s not to love? You don’t have to be female to appreciate a good movie. These Disney people are good at what they do, and Frozen is just another example of that Disney magic.

I don’t think there’s anything weird or unusual about my boys’ love of FrozenIt’s a great movie, and great movies are for everyone, even if the main characters are female. If you can’t wait to get caught up in the Frozen magic, you can purchase the digital copy now on Amazon Instant Video. Or you can pre-order the DVD, which is released on March 18th. Either way, I highly recommend sharing this classic with your family.


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