As some of you know, my mother grew up in poverty in Appalachian West Virginia. For that reason, I’ve become passionate about helping the people of that region. When my friend Jackie told me God was leading her to start a nonprofit to help serve that area, I knew I had to be a part of what she was doing. That lead to my role as a “Board Monkey” for the Monkey Do Project.

Monkey Do Project

The Appalachian region of the United States is the poorest in the country, with many residents living well below the poverty level in almost third-world conditions. The area doesn’t have the great local support system that many places (like my home town of Indianapolis) have, because the poverty is so widespread. Monkey Do Project has partnered with a food bank in West Virginia that wanted to help feed families, but had literally empty shelves. Through the kindness of our supporters, we’ve been able to help fill those shelves and feed hungry families.


Monkey Do Project


Is that something you want to be a part of? Here’s five easy ways you can help.


VOTE – We are up for a a grant from FedEx that could give us up to $25,000 to help the people of Appalachia. That’s a lot of hungry tummies that could be filled. Just click the link and hit the button to vote. You can vote once per day through February 23rd. We’d love your daily vote – it only takes a second, and no personal information is asked for or required.


Become a Blogger Ambassador – If you have a blog, consider contributing one blog post a month to sharing with your readers about Monkey Do Project. If you’re interested in being a part of this program, just send me an email.


Share – Follow Monkey Do Project on Facebook and Twitter, and share our content. Getting the word out helps grow our network of awesome supporters who want to give back.


Pray – We need your prayers. Pray for God’s provision and guidance as we work to help those who need it most. Pray for the people and organizations that we help. We want to pray for you, too. Leave us your requests on our prayer wall.


Give – Financial support is important for us to be able to continue to serve others. Would you consider giving even $5, or maybe even setting up a $5 a month recurring donation? If you set up a recurring monthly donation sometime in February or March, drop me an email letting me know, and I will send you an awesome handmade crochet goodie as a thank you.


BONUS – one more way to help!


Shop – Make a purchase at the Monkey Do Project online store, and all the profits from your purchase will go directly to helping others. Plus, there’s some really cute stuff in there! Feel free to buy me the coffee mug.


There are so many easy ways to show you care – can you do at least one of these today?