I’ve seen many of my friends and fellow bloggers posting their “word of the year” for 2014. The word is meant to set the tone for the year; almost a simplified version of a resolution. I love the idea, so I decided to jump on the word of the year bandwagon and share my word with you.


my word for 2014 is less


¬†Less? Why less? And isn’t choosing a word that’s in the title of your blog kind of a cop-out?


I chose “less” because my goal for the year is simplicity. Less clutter, less debt, less stress. Because less of these things leave more room for the good things: faith, family, service, accomplishment, joy.


Less worry; more prayer. Less stress; more peace. Less yelling; more encouragement. Less striving; more contentment. Less spending; more saving. Less busy work; more meaningful work. Less background noise; more focus.


I know having just a word for the year is a little abstract, but I am building my tangible monthly intentions around this idea. And maybe it’s a little corny, but it motivates me, and that’s all that really matters.


What is your word for the year? What do you want your 2014 to be? Let me know in the comments.