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Most of the time, these Five on Fridays have some type of central theme I’m focusing on for the week. This week, my life hasn’t had much focus, therefore this post doesn’t have much either. I tried to come up with some kind of cohesive list, but I just couldn’t do it. My mind is all over the place. So, without further adieu…


Five Random Things....


Five Random Things


1.  My new favorite Friday night activity is watching Shark Tank and chatting about it with two of my favorite friends on Facebook. Yep. It’s wild and crazy over here. Be jealous.


2.  I’m currently in love with the Ibotta app on my phone. If you buy certain products at the grocery store, the movies, or restaurants, you get cash back directly in your Paypal account. Just take a picture of your receipt and submit it! I’ve made back about $20 so far, and I LOVE that. You can sign up here under my referral link and get $2 just for joining!


3.  I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately, about everything  from Marvin Hamlisch to Prohibition. I guess I figure if I am going to be stuck inside all month, I’d better make my time educational.


4.  I’m kind  of in love with the way the youngest is talking right now. He likes to watch “woovies;” when he’s scared he tells me, “I’m scary;” and he likes to call his camouflage print underpants “shadow unnawear.” The oldest has some cute mispronunciations, too: “Mommy, can we watch something on Neckflix?”


5.  I did that thing where I checked out too many books from the library. Again. Plus all the ebooks I checked out on my Kindle. I’m a fast reader, but I still need to learn library moderation. As soon as I hear about a book I want to read, I’m on the library website requesting it.


What random (or non-random) things did you do this week?