Guess what?

I was just the recipient of a random act of kindness.


It was awesome

Someone that I don’t know personally bought something for my son off his Amazon wish list. Just because. Because it’s Christmas and he wanted to spread some joy and happiness. That little gift is something that will make my son incredibly happy on Christmas morning, and something that I will never forget.


And it got me thinking…

There’s been a lot of negativity going on around the internet and the world lately. I won’t elaborate because you probably already know. It makes me sad, and when things make me sad, I want to do something about it. But what can I do?


Today at church, our pastor asked a question that really stuck with me: Is Jesus real to you? Because if He is, the presence of God will permeate your life and will completely change you. I know not everyone reading this blog is religious, but as someone who does believe that Jesus is real, this question gave me a lot to think about.


If Jesus is real to me, how am I going to respond to negativity?

I am going to spread kindness. Spread love. Show extravagant grace. I am going to brighten my little corner of the world. And I’m going to start right here.


Random Acts of Kindness for 2014



2014 is the year of Random Acts of Kindness

If you fill out this form, some time in 2014 I will send a random act of kindness your way. It won’t be anything big, fancy, or expensive, but it will be something that hopefully will make you smile. The form asks for your address, but I am the only one who will see it. I won’t stalk you or sign you up for any weird mailing lists.


What’s the catch?

Promise me you’ll pay it forward, ok? And if you want to share with me how you did so, that would be awesome. Other than that, there’s no catch. This is just my small attempt to share the love and grace I have been given.


Please, fill out the form, share it with others, and above all, be kind. If you’ve been shown extravagant grace, don’t keep it to yourself; pass it on.