One of my biggest goals since I started working from home has been to get rid of the clutter that seems to have taken over our house. My desire to de-junk has made forming a personal Christmas list kind of tough; I’d rather get nothing at all than bring more “stuff” into my home. However, when I tell my husband I don’t really want anything for Christmas, he gives me the, “Is this a trick?” look.


5 Low Clutter Gifts


With that in mind, I came up with this list of five low-to-no clutter options for holiday gift giving. If you or someone you love is looking to avoid clutter, these gift ideas may be for you. – If you’re shopping for a toddler or preschooler, but don’t want to fill the house with more toys, consider purchasing a membership to We are in the middle of our free 30-day trial with them right now, and both boys love it. I love it, too, because they’re learning and because it’s not taking up any space.

Green BEAN Delivery BinWe signed up for Green BEAN Delivery earlier this  year, and we are in love with this service!  Green BEAN Delivery  brings organic produce and all-natural foods—primarily sourced from local and regional farmers and artisans—directly to your home. Their network of farmers and artisans give a healthy alternative to conventional grocery stores. Purchasing a Green BEAN gift certificate is a great alternative to a boring old fruit basket.

Amazon Prime MembershipGive someone you love access to all kinds of free movies and television shows, the Kindle lending library, and free two-day shipping on all of their Amazon orders. This gift is super useful, and it doesn’t take up any space at all!

Memberships to Local Attractions – This is something we’ve started doing with our kids’ birthdays, and it’s great for the winter holidays, too. Instead of buying kids toys, buy them unlimited experiences! A membership to a local children’s museum, zoo, or other attraction is a gift that both kids and parents will love. Seriously, if you bought one of these for my kids, I would probably give you a long and awkward hug. (Tempting, huh?)

Magazine Subscription – I know that for adults, magazines can turn into clutter very quickly. But if you’re shopping for a child, consider a fun and educational magazine subscription. Kids love getting mail, and I know that magazine day is a BIG DEAL in our house. My preschool boys love Ranger Rick Jr., Highlights High Five, and (FREE!) Lego Club Jr.


What did I miss? Let me know your tips for clutter-free holiday gift giving!


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