I’ve been all kinds of nostalgic lately, so in addition to making my kids listen to music I loved as a kid, I’m also sitting them down to watch some classic family movies.  My mom loves old movies, and she passed that love on to me. The classics are classic for a reason; they’ve stood the test of time. I also admit that I consider showing classic movies to my children part of their cultural education; I don’t want them to enter adulthood never having seen a movie more than five years old. There’s something kind of awesome about seeing your child enjoy a film that relies only on great writing, acting, and music to tell a story. There’s certainly nothing wrong with CGI or special effects, but it’s nice to return to the simple things.

Of course, the danger with showing your children the old movies that you loved is that they may not love them as much as you do. You get so excited to share your favorite childhood movie to your kids, only to hear them say, “This is boring!” Which will then cause you to wonder how you could possibly give birth to a child who doesn’t appreciate cinematic excellence. Not that I know from personal experience or anything…


5 Classic Movies to Watch With Your Kids

Anyway, here are five “old” movies that my kids love – five movies that I loved when I was their age.

The Wizard of Oz – Do I really have to say much about this one? It captivates young minds today, just like it did in 1938 and beyond. I am thrilled that my boys enjoy this one so much.

Annie – Almost every woman I know that is about my age has fond memories of watching this movie as a child. I didn’t know if boys would take to it as well, but mine ended up loving it – they found Ms. Hannigan especially hilarious.

The Sound of Music – This is one of my all-time favorites; I still get a little misty-eyed when the Captain joins his children in singing the title song. I forced my kids to watch this with me last year around the holidays, and they’ve surprised me by asking for it regularly since then. I consider their love of this movie one of my biggest parenting victories.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Movies about magical cars are always awesome. Always. Plus: Dick Van Dyke. (And the Blu-Ray is only $8.99 on Amazon!)

Mary Poppins – Practically perfect in every way. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Fantastic music, and enough fantasy and humor to keep kids engaged. “Step in Time” is the big favorite at our house.

What movies from your childhood (or before) do you share with your kids?