When you’re a mom, you find that you are rarely in your car alone. That means that your car stereo is not your own. I usually have two little guys in the backseat that are very vocal about their musical preferences. And their musical preferences are not always my musical preferences. I want my kids to listen to age-appropriate music that they enjoy, but I also don’t want to listen to something that makes me want to jab pencils into my ears.


5 Favorite Car Trip Jams


Over the years, we’ve reached a compromise, and we’ve managed to find music that we all enjoy. Here are five of our favorite albums (do we still call them albums?) to rock out to in the car.


The Beatles, 1 – When I was a kid, I had no say in what we listened to in the car. That meant 18 years of the oldies station, which I hated at the time. As an adult, I’m thankful for my forced indoctrination into the world of classic rock and roll. I decided to continue the family tradition by making my boys listen to the Beatles. Turns out, they LOVE the Beatles. My oldest is in full-on Beatlemania mode right now, and every time we listen I get interrogated, “Does John sing this one?” “What instrument does Ringo play?” “Can we live in a yellow submarine?”


Best of the Laurie Berkner Band – The Laurie Berkner Band makes music for kids, but they also make music that is incredibly catchy and non-annoying for adults. All of the songs on this album are incredibly singable and fun. Sometimes I even leave it on after the kids have knocked out in the back seat. Don’t judge.


Phineas and Ferb, Songs From the Hit TV Series – I’ve always been impressed by the clever original songs featured in each episode of Phineas and Ferb, so it makes sense that this album would be just as much fun. These songs are short, sweet, and incredibly creative. “Gitchee-Gitchee-Goo” is a fantastic pop song that would probably be a huge hit if it were released by an actual human.


Wee Sing Bible Songs – I will admit that part of the appeal of this album for me is nostalgia. I had this on cassette when I was not that much older than my kids, and I wore it out. It’s incredibly simple, but I loved singing along with my favorite Sunday School songs. Believe it or not, 25ish years later, my kids do, too. There’s something so special for me about hearing my kids sing the exact same songs that I sang; in a culture obsessed with the newest thing, it’s nice to enjoy something from the past that still endures.


A Day at the Farm With Farmer Jason – We had the opportunity to see Farmer Jason live back in April, and since then my boys have been big fans. Farmer Jason is a great performer, and is also kind and incredibly gracious with his pint-sized audience. This album is a fun journey through life on the farm, and if your kids love farms and farm animals the way mine do, they’ll definitely enjoy Farmer Jason.


What is your family jamming along to right now?