Since I started freelance writing and blogging back in 2009, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities and experiences that I never imagined would come my way. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with many great people, and to build connections and friendships with some of the most talented women out there. When it comes to my writing career, I’ve been blessed beyond measure.

I recently received an invitation to be a part of something awesome – an exciting and amazing event that speaks to women and encourages them to be the best that they can be. To say that I am honored would be an understatement. I am humbled that I was asked to be part of such a powerful and positive event.


Share Support Celebrate 2014


In the Spring of 2014, I will be speaking at the first Share.Support.Celebrate Conference, presented by Project Purse Club. SSCCon is a one-day event designed to encourage and uplift women. It’s about friendship, support, and pushing one another to be the best we can be. It’s about taking a day to invest in yourself – not your business, your kids, or your home – but in YOU. Why? Because taking time to invest in yourself will make you a better employee, mother, spouse, and friend.

I have to admit, I am totally floored when I see myself listed on a speaker list alongside someone like keynote speaker (and accomplished author) Dr. Nancy Berk. I am also thrilled to be speaking alongside my good friend and someone who has continually inspired me, Jacqueline Wilson. I’ll be telling my story of how leaving my “day job” to pursue my passion has changed me, and share how you can pursue your passion, no matter what it is. We’re still looking for speakers to add to the line-up, so if you have something to say, apply to be a speaker!

I’d really love to meet you, connect, and share my story with you at SSCCon 14. Early bird tickets are available at a discounted rate, so purchase yours today, and join me as we celebrate each other and all that we have the power to be. Still wondering if this event is for you? Here are some great reasons to attend.




If you’re planning on attending, leave me a comment and let me know. Can’t wait to connect and share with you in April!