How about a little fun to kick off the weekend? Let’s do Five on Friday.



Here are five things that I am loving right now.


1. – I love the philosophy of this site, that childhood should be uncomplicated. As much as I like taking my kids different places and doing things with them, I always try to be conscious of the fact that kids need the chance to be kids. Simple Kids has great ideas for play and learning that are easy and fun. Also, editor Kara is a fellow Indiana blogger and all-around awesome person.


2.  Lemi Shine – I just had an extensive conversation with some friends on Facebook about how much I love Lemi Shine. Indianapolis has very hard water, and we don’t have a water softener. I had given up on our dishwasher and was washing dishes by hand until I found Lemi Shine. It’s the only thing that gets my dishes completely clean and spot free without grimy hard water crud all over them. I even use it in my homemade dishwasher detergent. It’s amazing, and if you have hard water, you NEED it.


3.  The Voice – The Voice is back! One of my favorite reality shows has returned, and I am loving it, as usual. We are in my favorite stage right now, the blind auditions, where the judges can’t see the singers until they pick that person for their team. If more than one judge turns, the singer gets to pick their coach, and that’s where the fun begins. I love to see the coaches battle for contestants, and I have an uncanny knack for guessing which coach a singer will pick. I have also started writing highly editorial and sometimes ranty recaps of the show for my friend Becci. That makes it more fun for me, and probably less fun for her. Sorry, Becci.


4. Comic Book Men/ – Although I am not a comic book collector, I am enough of a Star Wars/Star Trek/Superhero nerd to enjoy Comic Book Men, a show on AMC featuring Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, which is a comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey owned by Kevin Smith. Yes, the Kevin Smith from Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, etc. The store buys and sells comics, so you get a little bit of that Pawn Stars style bartering, with a healthy dose of funny stuff as well. You can find a companion podcast for the show, and about a hundred other funny podcasts, on I discovered Comic Book Men on Netflix a few months ago, and I’ve been addicted to the whole Smodcast network ever since. The new season starts the 13th on AMC – set your DVR!


5.  Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge – I’ve started this challenge several times, and by the middle of the month I’ve forgotten and skipped so many days that I feel like a cheater trying to finish it. But this is my month! I love this exercise because it forces me to be creative and stretch my brain a little bit. It also gives me some photography practice, which I desperately need. You can follow me on Instagram for all of the photo excitement.


So that’s what I am loving right now – what about you?


Affiliate links are used in this post, but it’s not sponsored content – just a list of things I really love.