Most websites you visit, including this one, use a tool called Google Analytics to help track things like site statistics, monthly visitors, popular posts, etc. One of the features Google Analytics offers (though not for much longer) is what search terms people are using to find your site. This is a great way to find out what is bringing people to your website, but in some cases it also provides hours of laughter for easily amused mom bloggers like myself.


Fun With Google Analytics


Because I’m a giver, I wanted to share the humor with you. I get some hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) search terms bringing people to this site, and I often wonder why people think that a blog called “Mom For Less” will give them what they are looking for. Are you ready for this?


Fun With Google Analytics


Here are just a few of the search terms that made me chuckle in September:


“Moms in less clothing” – You have come to the wrong website, my friend.


“What should I do with my dog?” – Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered.


“Am I having twins?” – As long as I’m not having twins, we’re all good.


“Moms in big panties” – Um. No. Just…no.


“Do I have a snail living in my nose?”I think my oldest son was the one googling this.


“Moms wearing less clothes” – Seriously, this is not the blog for you.


“Is Thomas the Train real?” – I am not going to be the one to kill that dream for you.


“” – …ok.



Do you have a website? What’s the funniest term that has brought people to your site?