Yesterday, the boys and I had the opportunity to preview this year’s Haunted House at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The theme this year is “Time Warp: 50 Years of Fear.”


Children's Museum of Indianapolis Haunted House Ticket Giveaway! #50YearsOfFear


The Children’s Museum Guild has created a 3-D Time Warp adventure that takes you through the decades. The first stop is the Upside Down room, circa 1964. My four-year-old got a kick out of seeing all the creatures coming from the ceiling. He kept telling me, “This room is messed up!” (My two-year-old was not so amused. I had to carry him for most of the haunted house, and he kept telling me, “Let’s get out of here!”)


The Children's Museum Haunted House: Time Warp #50YearsofFear


From the Upside Down room, we moved on to…the Moon! I don’t remember learning about this little guy in any of my History classes…


Children's Museum of Indianapolis Haunted House #50YearsOfFear


Then we got to chill with some ghostly pals at the Haunted Hangout. It looked a lot like the basement on That 70’s Show, with a Halloween twist.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Haunted House: #50YearsOfFear


My youngest perked up a little bit when he saw characters from his favorite movie. Both boys loved hanging out in the Creepy Cantina.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis: #50YearsOfFear


Then we moved into the decade that I experienced when I was my boys’ age, the 1980s. Neon colors, arcade games, and of course, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Haunted House: #50YearsOfFear


Then into the internet age, complete with the haunting sounds of the dial-up modem. Remember those?


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Haunted House: #50YearsOfFear


What was the scariest thing of all in 1999? That’s right, it was Y2K. I loved this recreation of Times Square.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Haunted House: #50YearsOfFear


I’ve had several people ask me about the Haunted House and if I thought it was appropriate for young ones. I will be honest; we went during lights-on hours and my youngest was not really feeling it. However, my oldest LOVED it, and he is usually a big scaredy cat. Also, we don’t really celebrate Halloween at our house, but I still felt comfortable letting my kids go through the haunted house. Every family needs to make their own decision, but I found it to be totally family appropriate.

After the Haunted House, we headed over to the new Hollywood Haunts exhibit. (FYI – Hollywood Haunts is NOT part of the Haunted House, so you’ll need to purchase an admission ticket to the museum to see it.)


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis: Hollywood Haunts


This was definitely something my youngest son could get into. He enjoyed seeing some of his favorite characters and super heroes.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Hollywood Haunts


If you are worried about your little one being scared, my recommendation is go to the museum and see Hollywood Haunts first; it does a great job of showing kids that the “scary” things you see in movies and on television are just costumes and props. My youngest was really excited about seeing Batman, Yoda, and Sulley. And my inner geek got a kick out of seeing a Batman cape worn by Adam West!


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis: Hollywood Haunts


Want to check out the Children’s Museum Haunted House for yourself?  It’s open October 10-31, 2013, with Lights-on, Frightening, and Xtreme Scream hours. The Hollywood Haunts exhibit is open October 5-November 24, 2013. Tickets to the Haunted House are $7 for Lights-on and Frightening hours ($6.50 for Children’s Museum members), and $12 for Xtreme Scream hours. You can also purchase a combo that includes both Haunted House and Children’s Museum admission!


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