I was so excited to start my series about making money online, and after I published my first post in the series on Sponsored Tweets, I found out that they aren’t taking new Tweeters right now. File that under things I wish I would have known BEFORE I wrote the post! Thankfully, Sponsored Tweets wasn’t the only trick up my sleeve, and I get to share with you another great way that I make money online. And like before, this is something both bloggers and non-bloggers can do. Unlike before, this is something you can sign up for right now, and start earning with right away.

Bing Rewards


Making Money Online With Bing Rewards

Enter Bing Rewards. The name really says it all – you earn reward points for searching on Bing. Those reward points can be used to purchase various rewards, including the ever-valuable Amazon gift card (my gift card of choice). Every two searches you do on Bing gets you one reward point, and you can earn 15 points a day. If you get all of your reward points every day, you can earn a $5 Amazon gift card in about 35 days.

After you’ve earned 200 lifetime credits, you reach Silver Status, and you get a 50 point bonus. After you’ve earned 750 lifetime credits and redeemed your points for a reward, you reach Gold Status. Gold Status is great because you get a 50 point bonus and a discount on your gift cards. You can get one or two extra points a day for completing easy tasks, and you get 5 points for referring a friend – you can earn up to 25 points this way.

What do I love about Bing Rewards?

  • Super easy to use.
  • Better search engine than reward searches like Swagbucks.
  • You know exactly how many points you can earn every day, and plan accordingly.

What do I NOT love about Bing Rewards?

  • There’s a cap on how many points you can earn each day.
  • There’s a cap on how many people you can refer.
  • You have to keep reloading your rewards dashboard to see how many points you’ve earned for the day.

Overall, I really like  Bing Rewards, and I think you will, too. With Christmas just around the corner, I love having the opportunity to stock up on Amazon gift cards. If you’re looking for an easy, low-hassle way to make a little extra money, Bing Rewards is for you.